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I received my BFA from Mass. College of Art in 1993. While there, I studied with George Nick and Jo Sandman, among other influential artists. Since graduating, I have shown my work in numerous exhibits in and around the Boston area.

In addition to exhibiting my work, I accept commissions and am especially interested in public art projects and murals.

Artist statement:

Lately, my painting has focused more on surface quality and paint texture than on subject. I have been exploring impasto, stains and washes, varnishes and waxes. With subject, I am drawn to negative spaces and strive to give substance to those voids through the use of color, texture, and contrasting sheen, as I continue to be inspired by the snippets and corners of commonplace domestic vignettes.


Many of my recent paintings are on the subject of crowds. In our times of technology, there is little online substitute for a public gathering of bodies and souls uniting in a common cause. My paintings represent human bonding and interacting in a hi-tech era that tends to foster isolation; People joining together to share ideas, physical space, and sentiments.

Most of these crowd images are viewed from the aerial perspective. I use photographic references to abstract the idea of human movement. I'm attracted to the decorative quality of clustered or separated people, like dropped gems, confetti or beads. There is a loveliness to the accidental placement of people in the streets seen, say, from the fourteenth floor of a skyscraper - a littering of colored shapes and shadows, which move above asphalt and street lines, express a kind of contemporary splendor.

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