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California LandscapeGarden HoseFog LiftPicnic table and Hose
Weather PendingSand, sea and Sky 2012Marsh scape 2012Sandbar 2012
Steps2 2012Swelling Mob 2012 SOLDMarch 2012 soldArugula Blossoms 2012
Forward Force 2013Central Parts 2013Light Slits 2013 SOLDTouch Down on the Tarmac 2013
Whispers 2013 SOLDClear Connection 2013Radiation 2013 SOLDStorm Event 2013
Main Line 2013Blooming, 2013 SOLDCreeping Petunia I, 2013Creeping Petunia II, 2013 SOLD
Creeping Petunia III, 2013Electrical Surge 2013 soldGathering Crowd 2012Moorings 2013
Moving Mass, 2013 SOLDPower Strip 2013Queue-e Two II, 2013Systems Sky-High 2013
Diptych: Congregation Passing 2013AM Orange 2012 SOLDNasturtium IV 2012Venice Beach 2012 sold
Opening 2012Arrival 2012 SOLDReedsChoppy Waves
Gathering CrowdGathering Crowd IIIPink Angels II SOLDSlickers
Creeping Petunia VI soldCreeping Petunia V, SOLDCreeping Petunia VII SOLDNasturtiums Past Prime
Nasturtiums Past Prime IINasturtiums VIIINasturtiums VIIPink Angels
Italian PassionSlickers iii Their Parts SOLDNarcissus III
Narcissus IVForsythia III Forsythia IVHyacinth II
Above and Beyond the Surface SOLDWrestling with a Reflection IIShaft Refection, 2015 SOLDSplitting, 2015
Wrestling with A Reflection, 2014Roots, 2014November 25th, 2014Tension Brewing, 2014
Sprouts, 2014 SOLDDiptych: On the Grid 2013From the Core, 2014 SOLDGathering Crowd V, 2014
Rally Launch, 2014Intersection of Main and Sanders, 2014Merging SectorsSwelling Mob II
Reflecting on Caribbean Colors, 2015Virgin Island Electrical Storm and Scarf, 2015Virgin Island Scarf and the Wind I, 2015Virgin Island Scarf and the Wind II, 2015
Twilight Reflections, 2015The Virgin Island Scarf and a warm GustThe Virgin Island Scarf and a GustLines of Motion, 2015
Spearheading, 2015 SOLDThe Queue, 2015Thundering SOLDNight Meeting II
Black CloudGathering Crowd VOn The Left IIThe Burn
Second Congregation SOLDSub-setsUniforms MassingLaunch of the Human Raft
Might of the Masses : School Dance, 24x24,2016, oil on wood, $800BlockbusterTendrils, 24x24, oil and charcoal on wood, 2016, $800
After the Rally, 48x45, 2016, oil/wood, $2,000 : Take to the Streets, 2016, 35x37, oil/wood, $1,300 SOLD : Road to Recovery, acrylic/paper,2016, 27x26framed, $800Black Cloud Flight, 24x24, 2016, shellac,oil and charcoal, $800 SOLD
Black Cloud II, 27x25 framed, 2016, acrylic/paper, $800Black Cloud Series: Bee Cluster, 2016, acrylic/paper, 17x17 framed $300Black Cloud Series:Hemoglobin, 2016, acrylic/paper, 17x21 framed, $400 : Black Cloud Series: Red Petals, 2016, acrylic/paper, 17x16 framed, $300
The Supporters, , 2016, 27x25, acrylic/canvas, $900 : Walking the Talk, 2016, 18x23, acrylic/canvas, $600 : Target, 21x20,oil/canvas,2016, $900Tower, 20x21,oil/canvas,2016, $900
Loophole, 21x20, oil/canvas, 2016, $900Loose Tooth, 20 x23, oil/canvas, 2016, $900Launch of the Human Raft II, 27x25,oil/canvas 2017, $1,100Pocket, 27x25,oil/canvas 2017, $1,100
Mob from Above, 25x27, 2017, oil/canvas, $1,100Shared Spirit, 23x25, 2017,oil/canvas, $900Mergers, 2016, 46x42, 2016, $1,300Jump Start, 2017, 23x20, oil/canvas, $800
Front Porch, 2016, oil/panel,24x24, $800Comm. Ave. March, 30x30, oil/canvas, 2017, $1,200Black Cloud Series: Trail Blazer, 24x24, 2017, oil/panel, $900Blockbuster II, 27x34, oil/canvas, 2017, $1,300
Circuit City Revised, 30x24, oil/canvas, 2017, $1,100Mob Waiting, 20x23, 2017, oil/canvas, $800Group Flight II, 2017, 32x24, $1,200Group Flight I, 2017, 24x32, $1,200
Group Flight III, 2017, 24x32, $1,200 : Group United, 2017, 32x24, $1,200Mended Fences IMended Fences II
ScaffoldingSkins of Color   SOLDSolar HeatThree seasons on the Great Marsh
Bare Tree in RedsBare Tree with GreensOverreach The Elm Tree
Great White PineThe Sapling and The StumpMother and ChildBare Tree with Blue Sky
Bare Tree at Sunrise
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